30 January 2009

Red Light Poetry

I just bought "Showa Japan" written by Hans Brinckmann (Tuttle) and managed to read until page 72 when finally I came about something interesting. A haiku, written by every body's darling Beat Takeshi, commenting subtly on the state of minds in Japan:


[Akashingo / minna de watereba / kowakunai]
[The light is red - but / if we all cross together / it won't be scary]

I do not want to start a discussion whether is is just or not to cross red lights - I basically believe that everybody has to make his decision on his own. But I like this haiku very much and I believe that it deserves a place on the 2009 Team Positivo Espresso jerseys.

1 comment:

TOM said...

I want one! Don't forget Juliane's 信号虫 .