09 January 2009

Shortest Ride to Blog About

OK, this one will be hard to beat: I rode from my house to IKEA Kohoku store and back today in the afternoon. All in all 4.8 km. But it was cold today plus heavily raining, it definitely didn't feel like fun. One more day out on the bike, somehow.

By the way, IKEA is now my favorite escape point of the season. During weekdays the cafe is wide, open, empty and light so I can take my PC there, have a very good meal, drink all day for free and access the web on the WLAN. Sometimes I work, sometimes I eat, sometimes I check out good looking mothers. The IKEA CEO was right, their competitors in Japan are not other furniture companies but Disneyland.


TOM said...

checking out good-looking mothers...haha!! Don't we all? Nice to have this kind of playground so close to home!

David L. said...

Just watch out for the Swedish meatball and beef stroganoff specials ... assuming they have the same food as at Ikea cafes in the U.S.?

Fondriest said...

I think you can cut about 500m of that run if you take a different route.

mob said...

Tom: Perhaps I should disguise myself as IKEA employee to be more successful.

David: The Swedish meatballs are good and very much enjoyed by Henri. I prefer the roast beef, which is fantastic, could eat that every day.

Fondriest: Yes, and then I wil make a new post and blog about another shortest ride.

Manfred von Holstein said...

I invented this thing about shortest ride to hide my embarrassment about blogging about such a smallish ride from Germany, not to start a new baka compe(tition)! Need to be more careful with you competitive guys!