02 February 2009

Kyushu Ride

Jon Sparks and Craig Saphin from Wall Street Associates are organizing a longer bicycle tour with support vehicles in Kyushu between May 23rd and May 29th. Five days - 750 km. They are currently in the processing of assembling a group of riders, so far they have 20 riders committed and 15 tentatively registered. If I remember correctly, James send some e-mail about the same tour around some weeks ago.

I signed up tentatively as I am not exactly sure how my life will be in May. If you are interested to get more infos, please let me know, I will establish the contact for you.

1 comment:

Manfred von Holstein said...

Would be lovely to join, but I cannot commit that far in advance either. Do you have any update on the route? When James circulated their plan, it looked like they would cover the less interesting parts of Kyushu and leave out the very best...