20 February 2009

Weekend Ride?

Well, I don't know if it is the return of rain and cold, the bleak(er) economic news, or last weekend's flurry of posts leading up to ... no real group ride, or maybe the proliferation of "off blog" emails ... but something seems to have tamped down the activity on the Positivo Espresso blog.

Saturday forecast is for sunny, high of 9 and low of 4 degrees, with NW winds in the morning shifting to NE in the afternoon (perfect to ride into a headwind going up the Tamagawa in the morning and again coming back home). Sunday forecast is for a high of 14 and low of 3, but shifting to cloudy and 30% chance of rain.

I want to get in two rides, leaving reasonably early (7:30?) both days, unless I get a call this afternoon/evening giving me a green light to plunge into some kind of 72-hour 3-ring circus to get something closed by month-end. If I can get in a relatively full day ride on Saturday, then I might not ride on Sunday, or might do something shorter.

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Jimmy Shinagawa said...

I will ride Sunday only. Probably leave central Tokyo around 7am as usual. Aim to be back home by 1pm..