24 February 2009

Yabitsu in rain

Headed out for a quick ride today, hoping I could complete it before the weather was forecasted to get bad again.

My plan was to redo my virgin ride with Positivo Espresso in July 2008. Back then, we went over Otarumi, via 515, 412, 513 to Miyagase Lake, then up to Yabitsu and down to Hadano station. 105km in total. Back then, I also had to cover a bit more distance at either end, to get to MOB's place, and then back from Noborito to MOB's place, and back to my home. These 140km nearly killed me at the time. I had never felt so crashed out after physical exercise and got a flu the next day.

How times change. Today I flew up Otarumi, setting a new best time of 14:40. Working myself through to Miyagase was a delight and just no comparison to the pains half a year ago. At Miyagase I felt no urge to take a rest and opted just for a short toilet break. And going up Yabitsu exerted painful memories, but no actual pain.

Except that it started to rain, which was not so pleasant in just 3 degrees Celsius. Going up at a modest pace kept me sufficient warm not to mind. New best time of 52:10 to the peak. But going down in cold rain was not fun, as I got really soaked.

Back by train from Hadano, in wet clothes. I wished the train compartments would be warmer! But it was still bearable - I had overdressed for the ride which I regreted on the Tamagawa but was really glad for going down and on the train. I think I survived without catching a cold.



TOM said...

Must have been a very chilly descent down to Hadano I imagine! Really envy your ability to keep your heart rate so well under control on those steep ascents. When I did just a few steep but shortish climbs a-la-Yuzurihara- golf-course-hills last weekend, I was shocked to learn that my monitor had recorded an abnormal max of 214 bpm...my new Polar is supposed to be interference-proof. My max heart rate should ideally be 173 (220-47) so I hope it was only an erratic reading!

Anonymous said...

Dr von Holstein:

Based on the suspicious rate at which your times are improving, we are going to start a random drug testing protocol immediately.

Please accept our apologies in advance for any interruption in your routine, knocks at the door in the middle of the night, forceable removal of bodily fluids, and other inconveniences. If you do not comply, your bicycle will be taken from you.


Union Cycliste Internationale/WADA