16 February 2009

TOM dethroned (finally!)

Dear All:

I knew it had to happen...I have only seen this guy in action a couple of times but each time I was awed by his superior pedaling technique and impressive "born-hillclimber" physique...this guy is a natural!

Congratulations Ludwig...you're Positivo Espressso's new King of the Mountains!! I'm herewith placing the KOM crown onto your head and you may now ascend the throne! Don't forget to update the Togebaka column on the right...

I'm amazed you were able to keep your heartrate around the 160 level...definitely the fruit of strenuous exercise which I have in vain tried to replicate, however, my poor heart's beat goes up to 190, sometimes even hitting 200 whenever I try to better my own record...

Keep working on that form Ludwig and you'll continue to metamorphose into a real KOM champ...how about entering one of this country's many HC races...Kusatsu? Utsukushigahara? Norikura? See you around...this is beginning to get exciting!




Manfred von Holstein said...

Thank you for your kind words, Tom. However, I'm fully aware that should you choose so, you will easily beat your old record on Wada and get the crown back!

I didn't cycle up with the intention of beating you - in fact, I thought this was completely impossible anyhow. I was pleased I was three minutes faster than on my first ride up a few months ago, even though I chose what was meant to be the same pace (at least in terms of heart rate). It wasn't until I got home that I discovered to my complete surprise that I had beaten you by a few seconds.

TOM said...

That's what makes your record even more amazing Ludwig! Even though you started with the intention of a warm-up, you ended up as the Wada Champ of PE! Congrats again on this superb record (I don't think I can ever better it even if I put my mind into it!)