16 July 2009

Positivo Espresso Gloves

The supplier of our team outfit, F2P, has kindly agreed to supply as with some extra Positivo Espresso customized gloves. Because we are a good customer from Japan (... and only one of three besides Team Comrade [which sounds to me like a bicycle team led by Josef Stalin] and our friends from NFCC]. Because we had some hiccups for the order of our 2009 jerseys and bib shorts. If you like I can forward you my mailbox of app. 347 mails regarding this subject.

Anyway, I have no idea how the gloves will look like and how the quality will be, but I assume that they a) can be worn in the summer and b) are designed for cycling purposes as opposed to gardening, fishing or rectal cancer prevention.

After distributing them to the team members who have ordered jerseys we might have a limited number of gloves available for free distribution.

If you would like to have a pair, please let me know your preferred size (European sizing, XS to XXL) and your mailing address.

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