05 July 2009

Transalp - The Finish

We are done! A great last stage on the 4th of July. Crossing the finish line:

... we actually had a relaxed evening strolling the shores of Lago di Garda, eating ice cream (for protein), attending the award ceremony (where jerome enjoyed much time with champions Roux and Mestre) and we got our coveted 2009 finisher jerseys. We even got to meet Siegfried and Brunhilda (whose mother's name, as it would happen, is Brunhilda) - photos to come with the full report.

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The press release:

PM_Lueckentext Positivo Espresso

The final photos:

Celebration by the Lake:

The traditional Positivo Espresso ice cream shop/cafe in Riva di Garda (do not dare stop anywhere else):

Jerome's version of the road racing cyclist's gaunt cheeks:

The Closing Ceremony/Presentation/Dinner (PLEASE click on this photo to see a larger image -- much more impressive):

Jerome explains his "turtle" climbing style to the Masters champion Messr. Roux and the French Connection team:

David, via Juliane, gets to meet Siegfried (aka Jorg Ludewig) and Brunhilda (aka Claudia Frank). ... who took second place in the Mixed category.

... and a second photo as they share an intimate moment ...

The French champions rest their caps on top of the Masters trophies:

... and we pose for the adoring fans after collecting our coveted "Finisher" jerseys:


Manfred von Holstein said...

Well done and thank you for the daily news stream. I think you had many fans back home who followed with fieverish interest. Looking forward to celebrating you back home!

miles p said...

Fantastic work, folks (even though I only know Dave Litt)! Congratulations; quite an accomplishment!!

James said...

Well done. Brilliant.