27 July 2009

Tour de Okinawa - Nov. 7th

Application for the Tour de Okinawa starts pretty soon on August 1st and probably it is advised to register fast. There are 370 slots available each, for the 200 km, 130 km and 85 km races and they will sell out fast.

As almost every year, the Okinawa races are hold on the same weekend in November as the JCRC Saiko race and the Giro de Hotaka. That will limit participation, I guess.

And looking at the results from last year, the Okinawa race is, considering the distance and the elevation profile, quite fast. A lot of riders didn't finished and I guess this is because they didn't made the time cut at several checkpoints? Who has done the tour before and can give me any advise?

I made a similar post at the TCC web site.

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TOM said...

Everybody keeps telling me how nice this Okinawa event is. In my poor form of late, I'm pretty sure I have no chance of passing the ashikiri cut-offs though. Will probably go to Hotaka again this year instead and maybe do Shiobara as well