10 November 2014

Cyclemode Talk - DGL with Shigeki Kobayashi and Chiaki Sakai

My longtime friend Shigeki Kobayashi of the non-profit Bicycle Promotion Study Group asked me to present at Cyclemode.

I followed Yukiya Arashiro (who moved on to another session on the "main stage"), and preceded Wataru Watanabe, the creator of hit manga "Yowamushi Pedal" about a high school outcast who joins the school cycling club.

So there were lots (several hundred?) who heard my session, most just trying to get good seats for the following session with Watanabe-san.

It is a bit hard for me to listen to my own casual Japanese ... "ano ...  ano ... ano ...." but here it is.

Otherwise, I got to say hi backstage to Yukiya and Miwa-san, his wife and business manager, who joined the Bouhets and Litts for a memorable Jerome-arranged dinner last year-end.  All in all well worth the trip out to Makuhari.


Tom S. said...

Watched the entire show last evening. You have genuine "talento" talent David! I especially liked your observation that now is the best time to enjoy many of Japan's pristine countryside roads until in the foreseeable near future.

David Litt said...

Thanks, Tom. ... glad to know I have one fan!

Manfred von Holstein said...

And a second... I also watched most of it. Well done!