07 November 2014

Q36.5 for early winter

I got some more great clothes for the upcoming season.  First, an inner layer that is a bit special -- integrated glove liners and hood.  This thing is really comfortable and warm.  Of course, the glove liners and hood can be pulled back, head and hands emerging, so it becomes a regular turtleneck.  A great idea for warmth/protection with a very light, thin layer.
And it does the "Ultraman" pose!  
And a very thin, windbreaking "hybrid Que" jersey/jacket.  It has great pockets -- 3 + 1 zippered back pockets -- like the Q36.5 jerseys, with mesh inner sides for extra breathability -- and a nice large pocket on the left arm that can fit an energy bar, mobile phone, or something else you need to reach easily while riding.

... if only it were a bit colder today.  I may need to wait until late November or early December to use these near Tokyo.

Also a long leg winter version of the Q36.5 Salopette bib short -- again, very thin, light, but with some wind blocking so perfect for Tokyo early winter riding.  Not much to photograph there, but very nice.

UPDATE November 15:  I have worn the "hybrid Que" a few times riding around town and on Saturday wore it and the long leg Salopette bib shorts on a 185 km ride.  Temperatures started cold in the early morning (around 5C/41F), and stayed cool as I headed inland to western Saitama.  Midday and afternoon return were warm probably has high as 15C/60F).  I was comfortable the entire time, only partially unzipping the jacket during the warmer part of the ride.  Perfect gear for this season, and with a warmer head covering and gloves perfect even when the ride starts or finishes colder.

The "hybrid Que" sizing is closer to jersey than jacket.  In particular, it is not that long in the waist, to the point where for someone long in the torso, as I am, I should wear it with bib shirts, not regular shorts, so that my inner layer does not show along the waist!

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