16 November 2014

New Rinko (Bike Cover) from Doppelganger ...

At Cyclemode I happened to see an interesting bike cover on display (and sale) at the Doppelganger display booth.

There is a debate of sorts between those who prefer a rinko bag that requires removal of both wheels (ne), and those that require removal of only the front wheel (Jerome).  Of course, it is a trade off between the compactness of the packed bike when on a crowded train (both-wheels-off wins) and ease and messiness of packing and unpacking (only-front-wheel-off wins).  Doppelganger shows us another approach -- not marketed specifically as a rinko, but rather as a "bike cover" for storage inside a house, for example.  But it will work as a rinko with both wheels on!  And no straps.

I would not recommend trying a both-wheels-on style rinko except if you know you will be riding on a half (or more) empty local train.  For that, it would be perfect.  On or off in a minute or two.

Of course, the fabric it is very stretchable and so also could work with a strap or two as a "one wheel off" alternative.

Weight -- no more than my other lightweight ballistic nylon rinko bags, maybe less.

Cost -- at Cyclemode, it was on sale for 3000 yen, including an additional very simple "ass saver" short fender that clips onto the underside of a saddle.

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