25 November 2014

Photos from Canyon Japan Service/Support/Marketing Launch

I missed the invitation-only Canyon Japan maintenance/service/tech support launch party on Sunday evening, sitting in traffic on the way back to Tokyo from Nagano.  I did stop by the public event on Monday to check out the bicycles, of course arriving on the Canyon Shark.  Their Japan support is based in Kyoto, presumably from a Kansai-based Japan distributor ... name of which does not appear.

Line out the door and up the stairs for those who wanted to chat with Giro champion Joaquin Rodriguez, rider on the sponsored Katusha team.

Lots of marketing material for bikes with the aero frame Aeroad CF.  The people at the event mostly did not look like they will be riding fast enough to get the benefits of aero ...

A nice triathlon bike.

Very low wind profile.  The front end and bar are very minimal and streamlined.
This commuter bike with built in light and fenders, disk brakes.  The streamlined design will attract some ... and repel others.
With the exchange rate now at 147 JPY = 1 Euro and consumption tax at 8% ... they will not sell as many bikes as they might have back when the rate hovered around 100 JPY back in 2012/early 2013. ...

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