01 May 2015

500,000+ page views

Recently, Positivo Espresso passed the 500,000 page view mark.  Well, it happened a few days back since we are already over 503,000.

The first post, back in 2007, "The Positivo Espresso Blog Starts", when MOB decided to separate cycling from his other blog entries, has only 14 page views as of today (well, 15 now that I just looked at it again).

You can see the most popular posts on the right hand side far down the home page.  For some reason the product reviews attract the most traffic, though this was never intended as a product review site.  The SP Dynamo series 8 review is now at 22,000 page views.  Contrast that to the great Miyakejima report at around 3400 page views.  Of course, there is a bit of reprinted third party content -- Mario Cipollini's comments on the Andy Schleck "can we still be friends?" wimp-out after Contador beat him in the Tour, over 11,000 page views.

Will we get to 1 million?  Does anyone else want to provide content?  How about in Japanese?  Volunteers are welcome.


Anonymous said...

where can i send something? subject to your approval of course.

David Litt said...

Hi Anonymous.
If you do not have my email, send me a message on the Tokyo Cycling Club message service (I am "dgl2") with your email contacts.
Eventually ... once I know who you are ... can set up any regular contributors with ability to post directly.

DJ said...

David, I will eventually get something together on Mexico. Best.