07 May 2015

More Q36.5

Fans of the Star Trek series will remember Q -- member of a super race existing in a limitless dimension (the "Q Continuum"), able to move matter, stop or reverse time, just about anything, with a snap of the fingers or a blink of the eye.  And full of mischief, intervening into human affairs. I thought of this when I heard David Marx refer to Q36.5 by the shorthand "Q" recently.

No, wearing "Q" does not imbue one with limitless powers, but it may facilitate just a little bit of extra comfort and thus speed on the bicycle.  The philosophy is to use cutting-edge materials and designs to achieve a constant body temperature of 36.5 degrees C -- a real challenge with an outdoor sport undertaken in all conditions, from extreme heat to winter cold.

On yesterday's ride, I was able to enjoy a new Q36.5 jersey, and sun protectors for my arms and legs. The jersey is in one of Q's trademark colors -- a bright flourescent green, and is a bit roomier than the Q36.5 Veloce Club Bolzano jersey I got last year.  Really nice and comfortable, incredibly practical yet minimalist racing gear.  Now if I could just lose a little bit of weight around the gut so I would make a better clothing model ... like that guy Assos pays all the money to.  (By the way, Q invests its limited funds in the clothing itself, rather than models, packaging, concept stores or non-cycling items like luggage).

For the first time ever I used both arm and leg protectors instead of sun screen.  The Q arm and leg sun protectors are relatively thick and plush feeling, beautifully made garments, very comfortable and, somehow, not hot.  Despite a sunny, beautiful and warm day, I did not overheat with my arms and legs fully covered--even on the ~15 minute Ura-Otarumi climb at mid-day.

Thanks, David and also thank you Luigi.

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