08 May 2015

Gout Watanabe bags

Today I stopped by Gout Watanabe in Kichijoji to order front and saddle bags for an upcoming randonneur bike.  It took about 45 minutes in all to get the order in place.  Shoichi is the craftsman and Tomoko does the customer service and take the orders.  My bags will be a deep orange canvas with leather, and are for the randonneur bike I am expecting later this year.
Tomoko consults Shoichi about a Nitto rack
Again, it amazes me that one of the best custom/classic bicycle bag makers in the world is only a 30 minute ride from my house.

My front bag will be the orange (left) color, but right-side design, but with somewhat larger dimensions.

Some "models"
This under saddle one looked bigger than I need.
Even some non-bicycle bags here.
More non-bicycle bags.
I also ordered one of their "boot" saddle bags like this, in orange.

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