07 May 2015

Tsukui and Otarumi with Jerome, on the Renovo

Another GW ride yesterday, though a short one since I do not want to get too tired ahead of a 600km brevet this weekend, and also because Jerome was just back from an overseas trip.  It was beautiful weather, and even nicer on a new bike (the Renovo) and with new clothes (Q36.5).  But a familiar route.  We went out Onekan, then N. side of Tsukui-ko, then back over Otarumi Pass/Takao.  I took a second trip into town later in the day to make the total around 135 kms.

Is the wood-framed Renovo a fast bike?  Well, I climbed the back side of Otarumi relatively quickly, without putting in too much effort -- got my second fasted Strava-recorded time.  On the descent toward Takao, I recorded my "personal best" averaging just over 50kph, and bearing out that the Renovo is a very good bike for descents -- the natural shock absorbing qualities of the wood make it quiet and add to one's a sense of confidence / stability.

This trip reaffirmed my plan to use the Renovo on the 600km brevet I will join this weekend.

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