21 July 2015

Colossi Mixte for Nagaoka-san

As part of the fringe benefits at Deneb Renewable, the small solar development firm I co-founded in 2012 (and am leaving this year for another primary commitment), I told our small group of employees that if anyone wants a bicycle, all they need to do is raise a hand.

Finally, earlier this year, our office manager, Nagaoka-san, raised hers.  I have known her since 1992, when she was for several years my secretary when I was in the O'Melveny & Myers Tokyo office as a young lawyer, and again was the office manager when I came back to O'Melveny Tokyo in 2004. So when we started Deneb, she was kind enough to join us out of semi-retirement to help us, at first in our tiny, hot one room office -- a "walk up" on the top floor of a building on the regular route of the right wing crazies with loudspeakers, near the Chinese Embassy on TV Asahi Dori.

She tells me she has not ridden a bicycle in 15 years at least, but seems eager to try.  Through Hiroshi at C Speed I ordered a  Colossi "Street One Mixte" frameset.  This is a complex frame to build.  As Hiroshi says, it must be a money loser for Colossi if done in small lots.  But their loss is our gain, and it looks great!

I used my 2011 Rolf Prima Elan wheels, since they will not support me (or Jerome) without an occasional broken spoke.  But Nagaoka-san weighs less than half as much as either of us, so she should have many years of service from them.  And they are light, climber wheels.  Nothing like you would find on a mama-chari.  It will be the lightest bike in the condominium parking lot, mostly because of the wheels.  To use it for shopping she can add a rear rack/basket easily.  And plenty of clearance for fenders.  But for now it is a pure riding machine, light and, once she gets used to riding, fast.

The build uses Tiagra 4600 components with rear derailleur only.  The 50 tooth front ring is a bit big, so if she does a lot of climbing it might make sense to swap it out for something in the 42-46 range.
At my house before delivery
At Nagaoka-san's condominium after the seat is adjusted/lowered!  And kickstand, bell and lock added.
Jan Kole, the founder/CEO of Colossi, a Dutch cyclist with a Beijing workshop

Beautiful details.  Hearts on the lugs -- Mixte is designed as a "co-ed" than a "women's" frame, but in practice seems to be used more by women than men.
Columbus Zona double butted tubing.  A known quantity, reliable tubeset.

Nitto quill stem, with removable faceplate required for the bars we used

More nice details

Only one bottle cage on this frame, given the geometry and size

Riding home in the heat of Tokyo late July late morning!
A sports bike takes some adjustment ... but the rider is determined!
It took awhile, but we made it all the way from Kaminoge back to Sangenchaya/Taishido area by bike.  So in the next year, we should be watching for this bike on the path up the Tamagawa, or maybe even in the hills beyond?

Colossi -- if you or your dealer wants a bicycle with a quality, reasonably-priced steel alloy frame, you can get a Colossi via Hiroshi at C Speed in Takatsu, just across the river from Futako Tamagawa.

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