13 July 2015

Goût Watanabe Bags for Oregon Randonneur Bike - Done

The two bags I ordered from Goût Watanabe for the Oregon randonneur bike are done!

They are just as beautiful as expected, and I got to stop by the shop on Saturday to pick them up.

The main item is a large front bag that will carry just about everything except the kitchen sink ... and sit on the rack that Bob K. is building for the bike.

Big boxy bag, but with a rack just above the front fender the top will be at or just below my handlebars.
Nice roomy front pocket for easy access, and side pockets to slide in any things you want to access without dismounting.
Of course, a nice big map case with clear plastic on top.

Open wide.

Ties on the bottom to secure to the rack.

A bit of personalization -- it is a custom made item, after all.
Then there is a saddle bag.  This is surprisingly roomy as well -- as much or more room as the rear bag I have been using for events like the SR600, and wedged under the seat with a taper so my legs do not hit it when spinning.

Thank you Shoichi and Mrs. Watanabe!


CM said...

Is it waterproof or will you cover with plastic?

David Litt said...

Hi CM: These bags are a VERY tight weave of treated canvas, so my understanding is that they are waterproof for anything except if they go into a river/lake. Of course, the top of the front bag already IS plastic because of the map cover, and the front side has an extra external pocket so extra layers over most of the surface. No doubt in due course they will get a real test ... though my first planned use is Cycle Oregon in September, which is being held this year in the eastern (dry) part of the state.