21 July 2015

Next Ride, South Tyrol! Giro delle Dolomiti!

On Monday, a national holiday, I did some last minute work on Voyage Voyage to get ready for this summer's main event -- a trip to Europe that starts with the Giro delle Dolomiti (with MOB and his friends from Bremen).  The predicted highlight will be my third opportunity to crest the iconic, epic, spectacular Stelvio Pass, elev 2757 meters, by bicycle, after Transalp 2009 and 2011.

My bar tape was showing its age, and since I will be riding out of Bolzano, Italy, and I remember how snazzy the local heroes looked when I last passed through the vicinity, and now have a white saddle on the bike, some fresh white bar tape seemed in order.

I still have much packing to do, but am already feeling as if I am half way in Italy!

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