24 July 2015

Training Dinner in Munich

As the Positivo Espresso B team prepares for a week of racing out of Bolzano, we carbo (etc.) load on Greek food in Germany. A perfect location for contemplating the future of the Eurozone.

We had a nice, relaxed time and a relaxed hotel.  The hotel's breakfast was served conveniently next to a major, shaded bicycle parking area for an adjacent building.

The only difficulty we had was when MOB tried to avoid the (refundable to customers) fee for entering the men's bathroom at a service area during the trip to Bolzano.  He almost got stuck attempting to use the "kids" entrance.


Ben Watson said...

Hi there - what's the best way to contact this group to find out about any group rides in or around Tokyo in August? I couldn't see the contact info on the blog...apologies if I'm being stupid! Thanks. Ben

David Litt said...

Suggest for August you try Tokyo Cycling Club and check posts there. We are on vacation. If you ride in west Tokyo and want to start near Futako Tamagawa, then message me at TCC (dgl2 user id) and happy to ride this fall

Ben Watson said...

Will do! Thanks for your reply and enjoy your holidays - looks fab!