28 August 2015

Cicli Chesini - The Bicycles of Verona, Part 3

In addition to its classic and modern steel racing frames, built to custom size, Chesini has a number of other products, some OEM, but all of them with plenty of Italian style.  They make some very nice "urban" bicycles, including "gentlemen's bikes" including the Vispula and Torpedo.

Handlebar built from the same tubing as the frame?!  Road disk.  Sleek light.

Branded crank ... with belt drive

Indeed, when I stopped by for my visit, there was a Chesini bike ridden by a visitor ... parked on the street just outside the Chesini shop.
They also sell kit, and various Chesini branded components.

I got two Chesini t-shirts during my visit.  This nice black one.
And one with the "classic" red Chesini logo
One of the shop windows
Where are the bicycles made?  Right next door, in the very same building.  At least, according to Osvaldo, that is where all the "important work" is done.

Chesini steel road frames are all custom orders.  The process will be familiar to someone who has ordered (or built) a custom frame before.  It begins with careful body measurements, either taken directly or submitted on a form.  Osvaldo, a mechanical engineer by training, is the designer and prepares the CAD drawings. After sign-off from the customer, the frame is cut, welded (or brazed) and finished, in Verona, by Chesini's master framebuilder, Andrea Businaro.  Separately, Osvaldo and the customer will agree upon the paint and graphics scheme, so that these instructions can be sent together with the completed frame for painting (after cataphoresis -- electrodeposition -- or chome plating, if applicable).  The main difference from many U.S. independent frame builders is the degree of specialization, with Osvaldo serving as the designer and running the business, and Andrea and other craftsmen doing the actual work.

For orders from Japan, Hiroshi Koyama at C Speed handles the interface with Chesini, make sure that they get the right measurements and the design details.
The back room
Drilling and cutting tools; jigs
Seat tube and BB shell held secure in jig
Close up of same
Reaming tools 
More supplies.  Sterzi = steerer?
Chesini's framebuilder, Andrea Businaro
Chesini product tester Giorgio Furlan, 1994 Milan-San Remo winner, and winner of
multiple stages of the Giro d'Italia during a career in the 1980s to 1990s.
In charge of Chesini's line of urban bikes
I did not want to leave Chesini, or Verona.  I wanted to enjoy the bikes, and to blend into the cool ancient churches, to look behind the weathered wood doors, to feel the cool, ancient varied stones, and to soak it all in for a few more days.

But Cremona, Milan, Ghisallo and Paris were calling.

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