31 August 2015

MOB - David Triple Challenge

Original post (in German and English) can be seen here.

David vs. MOB: Triple Ten Challenge

The Goal: Each of us to lose ten kg in ten months.
The competition: David vs. mob – who loses least weight has to pay
The bet: Who will achieve 10 kg first? Please join us and place your bet.

And these are our ideas:
The Weigh-In
On Sept. 1st we weight ourselves and this is will become for each of us our start weight from which we aim to lose 10 kg by July 1 2016.
Interim Target
On Feb 1st we would like to achieve a weight reduction of 5 kg. In case we don’t we will contribute each of us €75 or JPY 10.000 to a charity of our choice. In case David loses more weight than mob he will choose the charity and vice versa.
The Charity
David’s choice is “Orandajima Foundation, supporting children’s programs toward post-tsunami recovery in Yamadamachi, Iwate Prefecture.
mob would like to support Fluchtraum Bremen Fluchtraum Bremen is helping unaccompanied refugees of minor age in Bremen.
Friends, How can you join?
We would appreciate if you join our initiative and contribute to the charitiy. Our proposal is, that you contact one of us and set a contribution of x €/JPY for each kg that we lose by Feb. 1st. Any amount is OK. We wil inform you about the result and the winner of the competition and will ask you to contribute directly the committed amount to the chosen charity organisation. We will post the total amount and the names of the contributors on our websites,
Just in case: You will not get any money if we gain weight.
The Target
Our goal is to lose 10 kg in ten months by July 1st. In case we don’t achieve our goal we will contribute €75 or JPY 10.000 per kg missed to the winning partiy's charity. And we would like to ask you to contribute your committed amount for each kg that we have lost.

We are looking forward to your support. It is easier to reach our goal if we are supported by many of you: For us and for the children we like to support in Japan and Germany.

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DJ said...

Hi David. We're good for eur 20 per kg. you shouldn't have a problem... I've lost 5kg in a month - but that's down to emerging market disease!...