21 August 2015

Giro Delle Dolomiti Days 1 through 3

I had not realized when I agreed with MOB that I would join the Giro Delle Dolomiti, but it is essentially a series of day-long rides, tours almost, with timed hill climb races tacked on near the end -- each day on the last long steep climb.  This is a good format since it avoids most crashes, and allows some social element, but when it is over and done with, we all were exhausted from the effort. Nobody was complaining about not riding enough!  It also is a good format because it permits a single "base" for the week.

I just wish that I had realized it was a "hill climb" event, instead of a race that included climbs, before I showed up in Bolzano!  Still, even if was not competitive on the actual climbs, they were excellent training for the rollers and short climbs I would find on PBP a few weeks later. Thanks Giro delle Dolomiti!

Anyway, the scenery was spectacular everyday, as was the riding.  I am way too late to give a blow-by-blow summary that would have any interest or meaning, but wanted to post a few photos.

Team breakfast

MOB poses

The Swiss women's team and Thomas

The "touring" part of the event

Typical rest stop!

Heading up the valley.

It's a Dolomite!

How tall are those rocks?

Day 2 rest area

More Day 2 rest area

Day 1 - well-deserved reward for a 1200 meter elevation hill climb race.  Apfel Strudel

This puts the "Giro" in Giro delle Dolomiti

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