21 August 2015

Giro Delle Dolomiti Days 4 (Stelvio) and 5 (Val d'Ultimo)

Stage 4 was a climb of the Stelvio Pass -- not much explanation needed there; plenty of reference material is available -- even on this blog from 2009 and 2011.  A few pictures were posted previously.  A few more are here.
We climb on the right hand side looking out at the glaciers.
Apparently Angela Merkel was in Sulden on vacation the same week as we were at Stelvio.
Descending the front side again - back was closed after MOB went through due to a (bicycle) crash.
I think Silvia took this one!

I wish I had remembered to get my photo here -- the "customary" spot for Stelvio-top selfies
Imposing to look up at as you climb!

And a few more.
A perfect lunch spot at the base!
"Igor" the Russian at the start.
A quick stop in the town square area at Naturns for some Transalp memories and Apfel Strudel!
Day 5, the "Val d'Ultimo" - valley of Ultimo I think (Ultimo being the name of a town we passed on the route of the valley).  A beautiful valley, and not an easy climb by any means to the lake at its head. But not quite as dramatic as the Stelvio.

The men of the PE/Bremen team
My last day so I asked for a commemorative photo with the ladies.
I wanted a "podium shot" with kisses on both cheeks, but it was declined politely.
(Something about the smell of my jersey after 5 hours of cycling on a warm day)
The peleton climbs out of the Bolzano - Merano valley and into the mouth of Val d'Ultimo!
Jochen takes in the view on our return/descent.
Thanks for a great week, MOB.  No, no, thank YOU David.  No MOB, you handled everything.  No, no David ...

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