01 January 2010

Happy New Year to All!

In light of the up coming ride I have put one of my supplement tables for endurance events. Please feel free to have a look and forward any questions. I would also advise that lots of water be consumed today especially if anyone will be attending a shinnenkai like I will be.

looking forward to a great ride in great weather with great people!


Nutritional Table


Manfred von Holstein said...

Thanks, this is great. It matches my own, less scientific experience.

If you think about the typical convenience store food during a ride, what sort of foods and amounts would your table translate into?

And how much do your recommendations vary by weight of the person and level of exercise?

See you tomorrow, Ludwig

lovensprockets said...


The table is designed so that anyone using it can adjust the intake according to their weight, g/kg BW = grams per kilogram body weight.

As for conbini store intake as we all know the coca cola works well once it has been decarbonated. Weider makes the bars and gels and you would just have to pay attention to the label. I would suggest taking your own mixture of protein and carbo via water bottle as it should be mixed with water or a recovery beverage such as gatorade. Whichever you choose the consumption should be consistent and timed. 15 min before and every 45 is good method but 60 min is also acceptable but ultimately dependent on the energy expended. You can think about it like this, if you go harder your use more energy and therefor need to consume more at the feeding times. As for calorie content, that is already given on packages of whatever and you can figure, in simplistic terms, that you burn. see this link


hope this helps, in a easy sort of way

James said...

Thanks for posting this.... This is pretty much what I do before long rides or races and has become a ritual for me.

As many of you may be aware we are now sponsored by HIGH5 Sports Nutrition and they actually have a game plan PDF file that will help you carbo stack and nutrient build before races.


Skip to page 10 or 11 for our needs.

In regards to the samples, they didn’t make it on time for tomorrows ride; I will how ever be packing my own drinks as usual so if anyone wants to try the taste of them I’d be more than happy to let you try it.