23 January 2010

Tsukino Ride Report

Just thought I would let you know Tsukino has posted a ride report on the blog here.

Normally on the weekend we ride about 20km along the river that runs through Tsurugamine but recently I have discovered a closed road that is less than a year old and totally devoid of traffic, also at the end of it is a huge car park again totally abandoned and perfect for Tsukino to train without the worry of traffic.

Anyway head over to the blog to get the full ride report and more photos.


David L. said...

Your daughter has a very impressive vocabulary for such a young student -- "apex", "infraction", "redundant" and the like -- words my son in 10th graede would never use in such a report. I sense a ghost-writer.

It sounds from her report like a great closed road -- if one heads into the Zoorasia entrance from Rte 45 (Nakahara Kaido) and just keeps going where there is another left turn into the zoo? Where does the road come out? Is it going North? Looping around?

I rarely get to Yokohama on a bicycle, but would be great to find some better routes across sections of it.  I guess I will eventually join others in the search for the 境川 (Sakai-gawa) cycle route to Enoshima.

Rode in to my office this morning ... shoulder seemed to hold up okay, though I need to reverse my stem to get the handlebars a few cm higher/closer.

James said...


I must confess that yes it is I that write up Tsukino's ride reports. I basically sit her down and ask her about the ride and then fill in the blanks.

momonger said...

How cute she is!

If she loves not only road racer, but also MTB, please visit woods adjacent to your practice ground near Zooracia. There are several double tracks and single tracks with some modern art works in the woods.

See location/map in my blog:

James said...


I know those woods very well and have maped them out... infact there is about 40km of offroad riding all linked with fireroads as well and some of the BMXer have built some dirt jumps thats adds more fun to the riding.

I'm currently searching out where the trail picks up again on the other side of the Yokohama line as apparently the hiking course will lead all the way to Kodomono-okuni which will make some spectacular riding.

Do you live local to the zoo????

momonger said...


I live on the southern hill side of Kamoi. Re-started riding bike 2 years ago after 40 year break. Recently, I started recording every weekend ride with GPS/google map. (pls check my blog's maps)

In Yokohama, there are two type of road good for bike. One is a river side road like Tsurumigawa CR, and the other is a ridge road like Tank road. (oh, don't foreget another rare type road;water-main road )

There is a ridge road from near Nakayama to Fujigaoka Station, but old ridge road was dissolved into sprawling urban development near Fujigaoka, thus could not reach to Kodomonokuni.

Some of these ridge road's history could be traced back well into Kamakura era. When needed, Samurais could rush to Kamakura Government from his estate via this Kamakura-michi.

James said...


We live over by Shirnane shogako so not to far away from one another. The river road is good for Tsukino butI find itvery uneven and very stop-go-stop.

Not sure what your blog link is though if you could tell me I would love to check it out!

momonger said...


To reach my blog, just double click on my name above,
or if it do not link to my blog, type in

Main entry is written in English.
Double click the static map will link to dynamic google map and geo-tagged photographs and comments(though in Japanese)