08 January 2010


Someone has got to break the weeklong silence, so let me take the initative and propose the following ride for tomorrow (or, alternatively on Monday):

Assembly: 7:00 @ Onekan "Mercedes Benz Showroom" Intersection, or, 9:00 @ Enoshima Bridge

Highlight of the ride is a brief stopover and lunch at Maruyoshi Fisherman's Canteen in Miyakawa Harbor...delicious (if you like fresh fish dishes).  Total distance should be less than 200k but do bring along your rinko parachute if you have no great faith in your legs (reasonable "LSD-pace" guaranteed...).

Who's in ?  Too early?? Too cold??  Shall we move up departure times with 30 minutes??

21:35...Tomorrow's ride postponed : for various reasons (overseas trip, half-marathon race, unfamiliarity with RdV spot and distance, spouse opposition (!), etc.) nobody gave firm commitment.  Will go SOLO!  Hitting the sack now.  Might do re-run on Monday.


James said...


Im up for this... does it have any serious climbs?

TOM said...

Hi James,

Hills yes - Mountains no.

The hills are "roller-type," no worries. Strong wind expected on return though but we all (except Ludwig?) like that, don't we?



James said...

Tom for me either Sunday or Monday is going to be the best days.

TOM said...

I have a date on Sunday. Might do a re-run then on Monday. Definitely going tomorrow.

TOM said...

CANCELLED! Reason: not enough (in fact nobody with firm commitment) people for tomorrow.

Might do another Miura Loop on Monday if it tomorrow is good enough for a repeat....

James said...


I'm 100% in for a ride on Monday if you or anyone else is.