25 April 2010

MOB Farewell Ride and Party - Photos

For now, just some photos. Could one imagine a more perfect setting than the Fussa "beer shack" -- complete with shrine, Edo era buildings, Koi-nobori in the flag post, and the most spectacular flowering trees imaginable. Please add your own (or email to MOB, Tom or me and we will do so).

Gathered for the party ("James hams it up, hefting his Pinarello" version):

Gathered for the party ("full group except the photographer (David L.) and late arrivals (Jerome)" version):

After the first 8-10 pitchers:

The signed farewll jersey -- this time an Israel national version, as Naomi snaps a photo. We look forward to seeing Michael victorious riding in it in the Berlin road race he will join end-of-May:

Steve regals us with stories of his bicycle ride from England to Japan, via central Asia.

Sergey, Thomas and Ludwig -- at one of the convenience stores after Ura Wada, before the "golf course hills":

Gathering at Takao:


the ups and downs of a belgian amateur cyclist in tokyo said...

Wonderful pictures!! Thanks David. BTW...does somebody still have the Wada TT results ???

James said...

Awesome pictures. I have some videos of the brewery and inside as well.

Tom, I have the TT results I will e-mail you the full listings tomorrow if that is ok?

the ups and downs of a belgian amateur cyclist in tokyo said...

Thanks James...sure is OK but it looks like MOB beat you to it ! Funny but I thought/remembered I did slightly better but then again maybe not...getting old !!!

James said...


I just looked at the note books and found someone had stolen the official results...

I was also told that I did it a little quicker when David announced it at the dinner but it could have been the wonderful Belgium white beer mixing with the amazing British Pale Ale.

Either way I thing I have the perfect energy drink sorted for the Itoigawa race!

mob said...

Yes, I have "stolen" the results yesterday. Tom is right, he did better than originally noted as there was some confusion of the times of Tom and Thomas. This is now corrected on the blog.

James time is correct and as annonced at Tamajiman. Although, as David noted, he was the last rider to start and recorded his own starting time. And there was this suspicious red minivan with dark glasses and HIGH5 stickers that overtook me on the way up.

James said...


I have no idea what your talking about Michael.