09 April 2010

Sunday Ride -- Route TBD

Jerome and I will be leaving my house (let's call it the corner of Komazawa Dori and Kanpachi Dori) at 6:30AM.  We will pick up anyone who wants to join at Tamagawahara-bashi at 7:00AM.

The route thereafter is open to debate and depends somewhat on who joins, on the weather forecast (rain Sunday night ... or starting before our return time in the afternoon?) and any individual time limitations.  But make no mistake, it is prime training season and we are hoping for a classic Positivo Espresso ride.

My vote is for Matsuhime (1250 elev) from the North side, then the gated-off Northern approach to O-Toge (1500 meters) and quick drop down to Otsuki ... but I could be persuaded to do just about anything other than Yanagisawa Pass, which we just did last weekend.  I could probably be persuaded to do even Yanagisawa again -- they've got two newly opened sky bridges so the descent to Enzan is even faster than before.

Please show up and get ready to make a persuasive case for your favorite* ride!

*Must be within day-trip distance of Tokyo.


Manfred von Holstein said...

Great photo - where is it from?

I will head out tomorrow as I don't trust the forecast for Sunday. In case I feel like riding for a second day in a row, I might also join you on Sunday.

I think Otoge may be a bit risky. Quite likely the roads on both sides are full of landslides and tree branches. Also some chance there is snow above 1,300m, because we had rain when it was relatively cold, i.e. snow in higher altitudes, and the weather is getting warm enough in the higher altitudes only on Sunday to melt that away. Which all speaks for joining you on my cyclocross, in case you decide to go for Otoge.

TOM said...

My plan is to ride 500km together this WE. Splendid weather guaranteed also on Sunday...don't listen to Ludwig. 7:00 at Tamagawahara-bashi means 7:20 at Koremasa-bashi, right? Will decide tomorrow if I should join PE or go solo again. Cannot afford many and long conbini stops...am seriously training for Itoigawa...Andy Wood has same starting time...must avoid humiliation at all cost...

Manfred von Holstein said...

Tom, don't kill yourself. Andy starting at the same time is a plus for you, not an additional challenge. I'm also not convinced training two days in a row does you much good. The best way to build condition is by training hard and resting well, then training again hard when you have rested. You should consider taking some weekdays off. Much, much more effective than going two days in a row.

David L. said...

Manfred and Tom:

1. The photo is from the Timmelsjoch during Transalp (unfortunately, not within a day's ride of Tokyo, so not eligible for tomorrow morning's "favorite ride" debate).

2. We will not have cyclocross bikes, so if O-toge is not likely passable on my road tires, I would rather try something else. But please bring your cyclocross bikes -- anything that will help us to keep up.

3. As for Tom over-training, I think riding with me would make Sunday his "warmdown" day and, six weeks before Tokyo-Itoigawa, would still be consistent with a good training schedule, especially as work schedules may not permit weekday training (at least not until GW) ... but I'm not much of an expert. Agree that getting enough rest is crucial.

4. Tom and Andy starting at the same time is great. These two will mark each other, draft for each other, and push each other to be faster. It should really help for ONE of them to end up the winner.

5. I think Koremasabashi (Fuchu-Kaido) is the next bridge after Tamagawaharabashi (excluding a toll road that passes overhead) ... so we should be there by 7:10-7:15. We can postpone any debate over ride route until we get to Koremasabashi.

See you tomorrow.

Manfred von Holstein said...

I wanted to join tomorrow, as it is one of MOB's last rides before he leaves, but I realise I'm just too tired after getting up at 4:30am this morning and spending 11.5 hours on the bike and I'm still not fully in form having been down with a virus Wednesday and Thursday.

I hope you will enjoy the ride and not be caught in an early rain.

Incidentally, having been out today, I don't think there will be snow anywhere (except for Odarumi but I'm sure you won't attempt that yet).

Cheers, Ludwig

TOM said...

Good thinking David. I will be waiting for the troupe to arrive at Koremasabashi tomorrow 7:15! (just for a half day ride though)

mob said...

Sorry, I got a nasty cold and have to drop out of tomorrows ride.

TOM said...

Nooo Mobbyy !!!! don't drop out!!!

TOM said...

Hope the cold is not too horrible and that you will recover very soon Michael!