13 April 2010

Monkey See, Monkey Make!

I’m a complete addict to an amazing blog called La Gazzetta Della Bici that has some serious insider scoops on the cycling world and for anyone that is into bikes both marginally or fanatically its really worth checking out as he is a prolific blogger often adding multiple posts in a day.

Yesterday he posted an excellent piece about Vittoria (Who happen to be my favourite tyre maker of all time) selling the 30...YES 30 remaining “IL GUERRIERO” tyres not only that but they come with a custom belt and bracelet.

Now having recently killed a brand new Vittoria Open Corsa EVO-KS tyre within one week of purchasing it (Yes I was pissed!) I decided that I would give making my own a go.

Using an old belt that never gets worn, I went to work, 10 minutes later.....


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