03 April 2010

Sunday Ride?

This weekend finds me with no Brevet and no work/family conflicts on Sunday (in contrast to Saturday, today, which has both work and family conflicts),  ... so I very much hope to ride tomorrow.  I want to get in one of the traditional routes I have not yet done this year -- one or more of Kazahari, Tawa/Tsuru, Matsuhime/O-toge and/or Yanagisawa passes, and in typical P.E. fashion the plan may be more ambitious than the actual trip.  It looks like it will be cold in Okutama, but sunny, so dress warmly and in layers.  I'll leave my home at 7AM and plan to be at Tamagawahara-bashi at 7:30AM.  Any interest?


mob said...

Great, I'm in. See you at Tamagawahara Bashi at 7.30 AM tomorrow. I am fine with all routes you have proposed, please take your pick. (I suppose that you do not want to ride all of these passes in a row).

I will bring my bake bag with me, in case the plan is too ambitious and I need to return by train.

David L. said...

Bike bag is highly recommended for tomorrow.

Let me know if you want to borrow one -- I have extra -- for anyone who will be starting from my house.

Jerome is also in, so we have a core group.

Best, David

Froggy said...

I am in. See you tomorrow at 7 am

Froggy said...

I am in. See you tomorrow at 7 am

Jimmy Shinagawa said...

Thanks for the invite, unfortunately I have family duties to attend to tomorrow..

TOM said...

Just did a very long ride today that included Yanagisawa and Kamihikawa, Sasago, etc. Will sleep long tomorrow and then maybe go for a shorter ride.