12 November 2010

Don't Hassle the Hoff!

One for ze Germans..


Dominic H said...

OK, time for a Hasselhoff truce? I want to enjoy my weekend and not have nightmares.

Manfred von Holstein said...

Yes, pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase!

I don't know what the relationship is to cycling, other than that one of our founding fathers is so excited by this guy. I don't know any other German who is.

mob said...

Well, millions of Germans just love him:







You guys are too long in Japan and you have lost touch with the Vaterland.

And,let's not forget that behind "Dave", his given name is the most popular name on the Positivo Espresso team rooster.

But I see all of your point and I shall refrain from posting pics, videos and posts about or from David Hasselhoff.

A picture with my bike leaned against a pole will delivered within today as compensation.
Fences are good, but could we please also add "poles", "windows of convenience stores" and "gas stand walls" to the rule?

The Russian said...

Hoff course, windows and gas stands are OK, but I'm not sure if Poles would like bikes to be leaning on them.

Too much talk about the Hoff. Let's switch to other German heroes. How about a few pics and comments on Modern Talking?

Dominic H said...

Great nation unifiers of history:
USA - George Washington
England - King Arthur
Scotland - Robert the Bruce
France - Jean d'Arc
India - Mahatma Gandh
Japan - Tokugawa Ieyasu
Germany - David Hasselhoff