06 November 2010

Gimondi Steel Frame, RH58 1978 made

Done. In hopefully no time you will be able to buy this nice steel frame at C Speed in Yokohama. This is an original Gimondi steel frame from 1978. You know Felice Gimondo, don't you? He is well known in Japan as he finished 33rd in the road race of the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. Besides that he was also only the second cyclist who won all three Grand Tours.

This is the first vintage cycle project Hiroshi and me are doing. I am excited to see the outcome and hope for many more.


David L. said...


Alexey said...

I was looking for some information about frame with Gimondi decals and this your frame is just the one Gimondi frame I have found:)
I got some pretty simmilar looking gimondi frame and I am just curious what is it. If you know more about this could you please wrute me back to alexey.klyuykov@gmail.com
Thank you!