30 November 2010

Peter Pan

"New Wimbledon Theatre is thrilled to announce the biggest pantomime cast to date to celebrate the theatre's 100th birthday. 
Global mega-star David Hasselhoff will be playing Captain Hook in Peter Pan alongside star of Pineapple Studios Louie Spence who plays the cabin boy, Roger.

David Hasselhoff, best known for the iconic roles of Michael Knight in Knight Rider and Mitch Buchanan in the most watched TV show in history, Baywatch will be making his pantomime debut in the swashbuckling family show Peter Pan."

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I hope our European members are able to get tickets for this sure to be sold out performance.

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Dominic H said...

We all know what nightmares are. But what does one call it when one wakes to a nasty shock? I am in New York this week and when I woke I turned on the TV to see the news (difficult to get real news on US TV) and was confronted with David Hasselhoff and his 2 daughters being interviewed as they promote their new reality TV show. Do people really want to know what happens in their household?? (rhetorical question, no need to answer).