25 November 2010

Gents Race

How it should be done?


James said...

really wish Rapha japan would organise something like this..... but organisation and chocolate kettle spring to mind.

James said...

In fact I have the perfect course.... Takao car park where the Itoigawa starts.

Takao - Matsuhime - Kazahari. Finish is at the Tomin no Mori car park.

David L. said...

Very nice!

James M: Rapha Japan has done several "Yonretto" rides ... so maybe they would be up for something bigger?

... this is a suspiciously loooong trip from Forest Grove to Portland, ... more of a horseshoe instead of a straight line. Here is the route:


Manfred von Holstein said...

Looks like this would be a nice cool down ride for Tom and me on our cyclocross bikes. The gravel roads look so nice and smooth. Hard to find in Japan.

TOM said...

Entertaining video. Agree with Ludwig, perfect parcourse for those Michelin cyclocross tyres.