02 February 2011

David C. Farewell Ride -- Saturday

David C. has been called back to the HS London HQ after a 7 1/2 year tour of duty in Tokyo.

His farewell ride will leave Ebisu station at 7:30AM on Saturday, passing my house on Komazawa Dori around 7:50~7:55AM, then proceeding up the Tamagawa on the Tokyo side (8:40 or thereabouts at Sekidobashi), and out toward Takao or Wada.

The route is not set in stone, but David C. is planning for a 1:00 PM return, so it will not go far beyond, say, the top of Wada. 

(I understand that Jerome and Didier are likely to ride on Sunday.)  I've got a slight cold, but hope to join at least part of David C's ride.  Work and health permitting, I'll join at least part of the Sunday ride as well.


Tristan Whitehead said...

OK, if you folks don't mind, I can be there at 7:30am at Ebisu. Hope you guys don't mind if I tag along. Feel like I'm gate crashing a party.


Dominic H said...

Rather than meet outside Ebisu station, we will at Starbucks. It is less than 100m up the road (Komazawa Dori) on the left side. Any problems you can reach me (Dominic) on 090-5407-7566. 7:30am roll-out.

Tristan Whitehead said...

Got it thanks. See you guys there.