07 February 2011

Kazahari Rindo

Jerome, Didier, Ludwig and I rode on Sunday as planned.

I was still suffering from a cold, and so did not want to overdo it.  On the other hand, I had earlier (before I knew what my condition would be) suggested to Jerome "maximum climbing".

Be careful what you suggest when riding with Frenchmen who have triple cranks (even if they did go out all night drinking on Friday).

The answer -- Kazahari Rindo -- about 600 meters elevation gain with long, long stretches in the 13-20% grade range.  I had gone back to my 53/39 crank recently.  So I climbed with cadence dropping into the 30s and speed at times dropping below 5 kph.  My goal was to beat the Frenchmen to the top and not to put a foot down the entire climb, and I did that.  Ludwig waited for us at Yakyu-tei (also known as Watanabe-san's cafeteria) at Okutama-ko, where we warmed up after a cold descent down the north-facing hillside, plenty of snow still on the ground off of the road, but no ice to contend with.

I hopped the train from Oume (still not wanting to overdo it), while the others rode home.  I feel great to do this hill so early in the year, and make it without the compact crank.  No way to shirk effort and get up Kazahari Rindo!
Yakyutei -- a/k/a Watanabe'san's cafeteria

More Yakyu-tei

Jerome and Didier's bicycles -- and "Watanabe-san" and Didier each barely visible inside.

The nouveau rich crowd eats next door.

As we part ways at the top of Yoshino Kaido. Didier stuffed his outer shell under his jacket front -- never do that or the photo will make you look a bit like Santa.  Also probably not such a good idea for me to wear yellow for photos.


Tristan Whitehead said...

Are there rides planned this weekend? How can I get details since I am not on a distribution list. e-mail: azikara@gmail.com

David L. said...

Not sure what the weekend plans are ... up in the air depending on the weather, which is now showing likely snow in or near Tokyo on Friday afternoon and Saturday, with likely accumulation in the hills and even the flat areas west of town. If I'm involved in a ride, I will be sure to post it here. But if the forecast is accurate, then we will may need to make last minute changes.