20 February 2012

ANNOUNCING MOB's New Blog - there is no "I" in Cyclyng

It is now almost 2 years since Positivo Espresso Founder, Directeur Sportif, Rad-Führer and Chairman Emeritus MOB left Tokyo to return to his homeland of Germany to take an academic position in Bremen, located in that country's far northern flatlands.  He and his family are now well settled in their new home.

And as you can see from his posts, MOB has had some time to explore the local cycling scene and culture, a culture which does not include any hill climb races, but does seem to involve spending long cold winters lusting over new-old-stock (NOS) road cycling components (Shimano Golden Arrow!) which can be used to build up vintage frames into beautiful machines.  MOB naturally wants to blog in German for his new community.

And so we announce the launch of his new blog: "there is no "I" in cyclyng", or just "cyclyng", which can be found at cyclitis.wordpress.com.

As you can see, he has ported over historical content that he contributed to P.E., so you can now access this content in either location.

And you can also find lots of newer Germany language content -- with much, much more to come.  For those of us who don't read German, if you use the Google Chrome web browser, then a plausible English translation is always just one click away.

As for Positivo Espresso, we need new members, more posts, and more members.  It is far too much becoming David L's blog, and that was never the intent.  Volunteers are welcome.

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