12 February 2012

Portland Saturday Ride

I arrived in Portland on Thursday.

On a rainy Friday, my Dad and I went to a luncheon presentation at the City Club Friday Forum entitled "Portland in 2062: A Sustainable City in a Sustainable World ... or not".  Then I picked up my rental bike (Masi aluminum frame, Shimano 105 drivetrain, etc.).

Saturday morning, I made it out for a really nice social group ride, thanks to an introduction via Ed G.
... early Saturday morning in Portland.  I cross the Steel Bridge on the bike/walking path.  This and several other bridges offer great bicycle crossings, and there are nice paths along much of both sides of the river ... plus bike lanes on many, many roads.  The panorama stitch did not manage to smooth out the exposures ...
I did not record the mileage, but it was probably 5 miles to the meeting point at Wallace Park, another 4~5 home, and maybe 30 miles with the group.  We went first up and down both sides of the river, as far South as the Sellwood Bridge, then stopped for coffee and pastries at the Grand Central Baking Company near our start in NW Portland, then another segment through the hills west of downtown -- up Fairview, then Skyline Drive and back on Fairmount and Skyline, among many other roads.  A relaxed social pace and nice company.  I'll try to go back again next Saturday.
As some of our group remount after coffee.  My rental Masi is in the foreground.  Not as stiff or responsive as my Canyon, but it will do.
At coffee, there was much talk about how Cycle Oregon (a week-long ride in its 25th year, that follows a different route each time and introduces different rural parts of the state, as well as sponsoring various philanthropic activities and other shorter rides) sold out its 2200 spots for $895 each in 31 minutes last week.

In Portland, the results of 20 years of active cycling advocacy can be seen everywhere you go ... by bike.

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