20 February 2012


Thanks David for the kind words and the introduction of my new German "There is no "I" in cycling" blog. The idea of the name goes back to a facebook entry I have seen (and liked) recently where X stated "There is no I in happyness" and Y replied "Well, there would be if you spelled it right." I liked the intellectual concept behind that idea and scrupulously copied that for my own blog. Someday perhaps there will be a domain called cyclyng.com. But not now.

I opted for wordpress instead of Google's blogger as platform. It will take some time until I find my way around.

I will try to do in German what I have done from 2007 to 2011 on the Positivo Espresso blog. That is, connecting the dots between riding, writing and friends. My interests have slightly changed as not only riding but also mechanics has become a major topic of blogging. Opening my garage I own now four winter bikes and one for the summer. And looking out of the window from my office I see sunshine today but yesterday I had seen hail and snow. The season to ride is just too short in Bremen and besides that there are no mountains to do serious riding. In consequence some of the long winter evenings are spend restoring old steel bikes.

Please feel free to drop in and to stay in contact.
Best wishes from sunny Bremen.

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