25 February 2012

NAHBS Preview -- Oregon Frame Constructors

I stopped by the reception Friday evening in Portland before dinner to check out 11 of the bikes that will be exhibited at NAHBS by Oregon-based framebuilders.

Some impressions:

1.  I recognized a number of the bikes from the Oregon Manifest, Constructor's Design Challenge video last fall, including the winner of that competition.  Lots of cargo/utility bikes, with big fixed front racks (and appropriate rake/steering for a load off the front of the handlebars).

2.  Lots of dynamo hubs!  Mostly Schmidt & Sons but also Shimano Alfine.  (None of the DH-3N80 that I have ... but the Alfine with its metallic case is a much better aesthetic fit for these bikes).  Mostly Supernova E3 lights, and a few Schmidt Edelux as well.  I guess the Oregon builders think these things are as cool as I do.

3.  Lots of internal gear hubs, one 14-speed version called "Speedhub" that I remember.

4.  Pereira's bike that won the Constructor's Design Challenge has an interesting looking BionX electric drive -- it works with a pedal stress gauge (like a power meter) and adds power as the rider tries to accelerate.  Pretty cool.

5.  Some of these bikes are "over the top".  Ahearne's bike seemed to me the "Hummer of bicycles".  More cupholders (well, bottle holders) and racks than an American minivan, and super fat tires -- looks like a snow or sand bike!  The Vendetta Cycles bike was likewise HOT red.

All in all, a very nice event.  Some photos are here.  I will try to add some commentary later on the photos album.


mob said...

Well done, david, this frame will hpefully accopany you on many adventures for a long time. The color choice is probably good as you will need to buy a fork off the shelve and that will come in black most likely unless you decide to paint the fork as well.
Powder coating adds thicker layers of paint to the frame compared with spray painting. In particular the corners look somehow more modern and organic. I prefer the spray paint finish, however powder coating is more robust and that is probably what you need for a cross bike.

The speedhub .. are you refering to the Rohloff speed hub?


THis thing is bllody amazing and I would love to built up a bike around it. The only two things that prevent me from doing so is the price which is at least 80.000 Yen and the fact that you cannot connect it to STI levers.


As for the Schmidt Son Edelux light I believe that many arty people like it because it looks like the lens of an old German analog Camera, say Zeiss or Leica.

But it surely looks good.

Manfred von Holstein said...

MOB, I see you are learning fast from James: "bloody amazing", and even misspelled...

Richard said...

You are in the homeland of Rohloff, so there is no excuse for not building a bike around a Speedhub!!! I did it here in Tokyo, though I must admit it was a stress inducing time.

mob said...

I am tempted, Richard, really tempted. Perhaps a nice red one?


But then the price ... and I assume it is made for 135mm rear stay distance, which would mean MTB or Trecking bike?

If I had the money and time I would outfit this one with a Rohloff speed hub:


From the homeland.

Anonymous said...
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