04 February 2012

Ride Planned for Sunday Feb 5

A covered walkway in Kuroishi, Aomori ... my wife and I were the only tourists wandering around on Monday after a night at a nearby onsen ryokan.

This seems to have been the coldest and snowiest week in some years for all of Japan, with heavy snow along the Japan Sea, in the mountains and far beyond.  Snow was the leading story most of the week on the NHK news.  Tokyo has been spared the snow, but it has been quite cold.  Until today, Saturday, when the weather is noticeably warmer.  Tomorrow, Sunday, should be above freezing again.

Jerome and I will ride out from my house (Komazawa Dori/Kaminoge) at 8AM.  We were thinking we might even get over Yabitsu Pass, or if not at least we will make it to the Sagamiko area -- lower Doshi, Route 76 and nearby roads, maybe back over Wada?  Still in winter riding mode -- taking it easy and building the base.  Other riders are welcome.
A bridge over the moat at Hirosaki Castle

Hirosaki Castle, boarded up.  In all the tourist brochures, the sakura are in bloom and the sun is out ... at the beginning of May.

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