24 November 2013


Last week when I crested Wada Pass and chatted with a group of Audax riders seated at the cafe, I asked (jokingly) if they were on a brevet.  One of the women said that no, they were "cycling".  I guess this is Japanese (among Brevet riders, at least) for a more relaxed ride ... as opposed to training, racing, etc. (all of which I would consider "cycling").

Today I went cycling in beautiful weather.  Out One-kan, the North side of Tsukui, Kanagawa Routes 517, 518, Makime Pass, then across Doshi Michi and through the countryside North of Miyagase, then winding my way toward Atsugi for a quick hammerfest along Route 246 as far as Yamato/Chuo Rinkan, and home via train.  Spectacular weather and a nice ride.
Fall at Lake Tsukui

Fall along the road to Makime Pass - Kanagawa Route 518

Fall as the climb steepens
a 1MW solar power project just over the south side of Makime Pass
The Route

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