17 November 2013

Reverse Paul Jason -- Kobu Tunnel, Golf Course Hills and West side of Wada

It was a beautiful day today, perfect for cycling.  Jerome and I did a longer half-day ride -- 140 kms of the "reverse Paul Jason" ride, one of our classics.  Up the Tamagawa and Akigawa, over Kobu Tunnel, the "golf course hills" of Uenohara, and back over Wada Pass.

We left my house a little around 7:45AM, and I was back around 2:20PM.  Unusually, I was well ahead of Jerome at the top of Kobu Pass and Wada Pass (he stopped for a drink at a vending machine on the ura Wada climb).  Jerome was ahead of me through the golf course hills, more in form.  Beautiful weather the entire way, some headwinds coming back into town, but we have been in worse.  We met a group of about 10 regular Audax riders who were resting at the Wada witch's son's cafe.

Not really a lot to say about this ride, except "beautiful!"

Heading up the Tamagawa -- lots of walkers and cyclists out today.
Just about to start the descent into Yamanashi from Kobu Tunnels
Mt Fuji barely visible from the back side of Wada Pass, now snow covered.

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