10 November 2013

The end of an institution -- no more 7-11 on the Tamagawa in Fuchu

When I first started cycling in Tokyo back in 2004, it was a rare ride that did not include a stop at the 7-11 along the Tamagawa, a few kilomters past Sekidobashi and just beyond the Yotsuyabashi (Pref Route 20) turn off to head out toward Takao.

Even if it is only 20 kms from my house, that is not too far for a morning stop after saddling up without a full breakfast or coffee.  And it is 30-35 kms for riders who come from central Tokyo.

A few years later, after Y's moved its Tamagawa store up the river to a building next to the 7-11, this intersection (Yotsuya 5-chome) became an unofficial mecca for road cyclists in western Tokyo.  On any sunny weekend midday, you were pretty much guaranteed to see not just serious road cyclists staging for a trip into the mountains, but some "potterers" and at least a few MAMILs with expensive road bikes -- including one slightly overweight guy posing on his Colnago with rear disk wheel -- stopping for food and drink before heading back into town to complete a flat, sub-50 km ride.

Jerome and I rode up and down the river today, and I am sorry to report that the 7-11 is gone.

Wouldn't this be a great place for a cycle shop/cafe?  Maybe something a bit different than Y's?  If interested, you can call the real estate broker a the phone number on the window!

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mob said...

The complete German Positivo_espresso Chapter is deeply saddend by this news. This after all, is the 7-11 where we once left Paul Jason in the staircase next to it. Surely Japan is going to the dogs.