10 November 2013

Shimano SPD pedal self destructs?!?!

I started my commute to work on Friday morning and quickly headed via Kaminoge Dori toward Meguro Dori taking the fast route rather than the more relaxed Komazawa Dori.  I was using my standard Azabu-and-back commuting rig -- the Yamabushi, with SPD pedals and Shimano cycling sandals -- comfortable, easy to change out of at the office.

But soon after I got onto Meguro Dori and up to speed, I felt am odd slippage on my right pedal, my foot sliding off the pedal entirely.  Somehow, the pedal had come entirely off its spindle.
Left pedal, still in one piece; Right pedal, useless
What triggered this?  I have no idea.  I guess nothing lasts forever, and these are more than 5 years old, with heavy usage over the past year or two.  But it was a bit disconcerting, since I am using other SPD pedals (with a platform) on longer rides, and would hate to have the same thing happen during a long randonee.  I am not about to start traveling with spare pedals!

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mob said...

The same happened to the same type of pedals of my boss who is also a "vintage cyclist" but clever enough to use cleats. Perhaps this is a production issue of Shimano.