08 August 2008

Hachijojima Tour - Part 2

Come see the glowing mushrooms....

Juliane and I are taking bikes and a tent to Hachijojima over the holiday weekend September 13/14/15. Would be great if any of you would like to come along for the ride. Ferry and flights tickets are scarce - I'd suggest you make reservations soon if you want to go.
Sun, sea, barbecue, beatiful rides, no traffic, cold showers, heat exhaustion... don't miss it.

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David L. said...

Hope that David and Juliane are enjoying the weekend in Hachijojima -- better westher there than in Houston, Texas today (See Hurricane Ike), at least! Hope Michael K. is enjoying his race in Gunma.

Jerome and I plan to ride on Sunday, starting 7:15 AM at my house. We will try to head up to Oume/Chichibu again, redeeming ourselves for last weekend. Need to be back around 2PM so we will probably just do a relatively short Chichibu loop with a few climbs and then return.
Call or email if you plan to join.