18 August 2008

Second Tokyo Hillclimb Nariki Stage Results

Here they are: http://www.gem.hi-ho.ne.jp/kfc-onishi/htm/result_Tokyo_hillclimb.htm

(story on Tom's blog)


David L. said...

Congratulations to Juliane on her podium finish! Of course, we expect nothing less from her.

Juliane said...

yes, she did! more killer instinct, German battle strategy, and ---- 100,000 YEN!! ;-)
so, guys, find me another race quick to make up!

many thanks to ryokan "Coady"! the full Irish breakfast will have us come back! to be sure

and thanks Denis for the lift to the station. and the train master who opened the doors for us again.

now, not only will we never know where Stephen was before the race, we will also never know where Michael has been for all this time after the race... ??! ;-)

next weekend Izu/Shimoda -- who is in??!!