28 August 2008

Weekend Tour Sunday August 30th

Looking at the Tokyo weather forecast, the prospects for a weekend ride or not that good on Saturday but might be better on Sunday. Now that it is not that hellish hot any longer, I feel more confident to go out for longer rides and climbs, but this is not a must for this weekend.

Would be anybody interested to ride out on Sunday, route and time still to be decided?


TOM said...

Hi Michael,

Kenichi of NFCC has been asked to organize a "sortie montagne" this Sunday. Plan to be announced later this evening or tomorrow. I might join if I can get in my long ride (OHSMK-LOOP)on Saturday (depending on the weather). If I cannot ride on Saturday I will probably do my long ride on Sunday instead (without joining the NFCC training)....sorry for being such a picky sissy.


mob said...

The weather does not look good on Saturday. David, James and me might ride out on Sunday and Tom will most likely do his YMKLPRST Loop; with this in mind here are some proposals in no particular order:

1. ROO YMKLPRST Loop - Revenge on Odarumi

This might be a little bis risky because of the weather but still an interesting try.
Start in th morning and get on the train to Enzan, than tackle the climb up Odarumi.
Ride back over Sasago along route 20 as long as it is fun, then again take the train back home.

2. SBP YMKLPRST Loop - Shonan Beach Party

Ride out to Yabitsu, the ride down on the other side through Hadano and continue to the coast. From there on along the coast to Shonan and hang out at the bars on the beach. As this is the last weekend of August, this might also be our last chance. Take the train home from Ofuna.

3. JMR YMKLPRST Loop - Jogashima Maguro Run

First through Yokohama and Yokosuka down to Jogashima, have the famous Maguro bowl lunch down there. Back on the other coast side to Kamakura. Coffee at the German "Cafe de terror" called Seacastle.

Might be crowded, but is still a nice tour.

4. Something prepacked?

Else, we can go for a simple tour like Wada, Tomin no Mori, Matsuhime.

All ideas welcome.

TOM said...

Michael et al.:

After all the rain last evening, my gut feeling is that tomorrow (Saturday) will be a splendid sunny day)...the weatherforecasters chickens as they are - as of this hour of the day - just don't have the courage to admit it !!

Yes, tomorrow, I'm going for my OHSMK-LOOP (easy name to remember this one..."Oh, SM ka?" if you are in a sadomasochistic mood.

For 1. above, please remember that the old Sasago tunnel is closed until end October. I don't recommend riding the R.20 Sasago tunnel...d a n g e r o u s !!

On Sunday, I might join Kenichi with Nishibe-san and new faces from NFCC for what is promised to be a slow ride leaving from Ome Station...(Nariki, etc.)

Anonymous said...

Hi Tom,

Would you mind if I joined you tomorrow? What time will you leave Sekidobashi - 6:30AM?

Philip (TCC)

TOM said...

Hi Philip!....are you really sure?? of course I wouldn't mind!!

6:30 for me is absolutely no problem....but for you it must be impossible, no?

Anonymous said...

Hi Tom,

I replied to your PM over on TCC